11 Aug

The dreaded 5K in under 30 minutes

Posted by Dave Tittensor, Published: 11-Aug-2011
Just recently I started running again after the Nike+GPS app was on offer has being free on iTunes. So thought I'd give it a go, so some 8 weeks on or so I've ran a total of 81.8miles after 24 runs and burnt of nearly 12000 cals in the process. I'm hoping that effort has enabled me to lose the odd pound or two in weight.

It took me to my 21st run last Friday to actually beat the 30 minute barrier for the 5k, and since doing so I've managed to repeat that fate twice since.

I'm still far from convinced that the exercise is good for you, but until I find a 5/6 aside team to play for it can't be that bad for me.

Long may this running continue over the course of the year, hopefully in another 2 months time I'll have hit 160 miles over 4 months and hope to go on from there. I may have actually managed a 10k by that point in an hour, who knows, anything is possible. I suppose it doesn't help being a fair weather runner, if it's raining or icy then I won't venture out of the house :)

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