08 Mar

DNT.IM The Next Generation

Posted by Dave Tittensor, Last Updated: 21-Mar-2013
I've finally took it upon myself to do a slight redesign and move the site completely over to HTML5. I've also moved the design over a responsive layout which should automatically resize depending on the device viewed on. I've been happily playing with XHTML for the last 10 years and have written a few things that used HTML5 as a doctype of late, but never actually applied what I'd learnt until now. I've only touched the surface on what can be done and I hope over the coming weeks to look into the media elements of the language and see how they can be used on here, and add features accordingly.

The redesign has allowed me to resolve a few niggling issues with how the site rendered on chrome, and hopefully it will render out ok even on IE6. There is still some basic things that probably need adding in regarding page expiry, but that will come in time.