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About dnt.im & DBlog

Posted by Dave Tittensor, Last Updated: 29-Dec-2013

About dnt.im

Hi there, welcome to my little space on the t'interweb, enjoy. In some ways this is a test site, i'll add/chop/change/remove things to suit my liking at that time. I've found that designing this sites template from scratch isn't that easy, one day I may finish it or just keep adding bits has I see fit, so in some ways this site will never truely be finished. The site is running on my own bloging software so is probably full of bugs which I'll iron out has and when they appear, so far so good :).

Dave - 27-Jul-2011


DBlog is my blogging tool written from scratch by myself. I'll add things, remove things as time goes by as I play with the technology.

Planned Updates - No fixed date:
  • Implement image embedding into the blog posts using BBCode implementation
  • Move Menu to HTML5/CSS3 dropdowns
  • Body Picture, Nivo Slider and blog picture upload
  • Implement picture management for the above and for each section it states
  • Pet Projects Page
  • Have site layout ran directly from my test css layout engine
  • Menu title pulled directly from the database and linked to page, aka basic page/content management
  • Forum or comments, maybe
Version History:
0.7 - 29-December-2013:
  • Added basic BBCode style tag support
  • Moved home page truncating to cut-html-string
  • Random bug fixes
  • Added Pages to make it more like a CMS
  • Added basic database driven menu
0.6 - 07-April-2013:
  • Implemented HTML5 video embedding into blog posts, reverts to embedded flash player running the mp4 movie file if its an older browser utilising Strobe Media Playback 1.6
  • Implemented published date, when I originally create a post it may not be when I publish it
  • Added individual blog title into page title
  • Fixed bugs brought in by above changes
  • Fixed bugs in admin portal
0.5.1 - 21-March-2013:
  • Implemented Response Web Site layout, one site to rule them all...
0.5 - 10-March-2013:
  • Implemented my own twitter feed api thingy
  • Added link to Google Web Fonts for main site font usage
  • Site HTML & CSS slightly redesigned to have a smaller footprint
  • Base code moved from XHTML1 to HTML5
  • Removed Nivo Slider until further notice
  • Fixed bugs brought in by moving to HTML5
  • Cleaned up the backend code
0.4.1 - 22-October-2012:
  • Fixed problem with .htaccess due to moving to a new hosting company
  • Various bug fixes to overcome issues using code with new hosting company
0.4 - 20-July-2012:
  • Embedable YouTube videos. Blog will automatically now add iframe code around fully formed YouTube URLs
  • URL Links Fix. Due to adding YouTube links this code needed ammending so it didn't attempt to create the YouTube URL as a link rather than a iframe link
0.3 - 17-April-2012:
  • URL Links. Blog automatically makes any fully formed URL into a link
  • Picture & Title Navigation. Added alink to blog post title and picture
0.2 - 07-November-2011:
  • URL Shortening.
  • Movember. When its November the month name automatically changes to Movember if enabled
0.1 - 27-July-2011:
  • Intial Version
  • Clean URLs. Fully work on IIS 7 with URL Rewrite enabled or Apache with mod_rewrite enabled
  • Nivo Slider implemented

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