06 Aug

WordPress Theme Development

Posted by Dave Tittensor, Published: 06-Aug-2013
Although I've written my own blogging software over the past few years and do intend to keep playing with it I felt it was time to checkout WordPress. I'm more interested in WordPress's ability of being a CMS than a blogging tool. With looking into it then I felt it would also be useful to learn how to come up with basic theme development for personal and maybe future use in the workplace. This development includes looking into creating Widgets for use in the themes.

To start with I've come up with two designs to make into a WordPress theme. The first design being the one I hope to use as a basic template going forward into any future theme development. This design is being created to be used in my wedding website so hence the desire to use a polished system for updates and possibility of online RSVP when the date and venue are set in stone. My second design is more a corporate style design with dropdown menus and image sliders.

I don't intend to stop development of my own blogging tool and do have a few work in progresses going on in the background. While writing this blog entry I noticed I hadn't finished and deployed an update to the admin side. This update also includes updates to the frontend in it's ability to use shortcodes. One for the future is maybe add WYSIWYG style editing but that is some time and probably years away.

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